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My Background


What started as a day out with my father to watch the Scottish Rally in 1979, became a lifelong interest in rallying and motorsport. I still find the Mk 2 Ford Escort as exciting to watch to this day as I did, all those years ago.


Like many spectators, I started to take a camera with me to take home memories of a great day out. Over the years, I have developed a style and never stop learning. Creativity is a passion and a motivator and I love the challenge of being better than my  last set of images. 

I attend around 40 events a year, covering the Scottish Rally Championship, Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship, Scottish motor racing, sprints and hillclimbs. My images are widely published in national newspapers and magazines and my motivation is to promote the sport to a wide audience.  

Scottish Motorsport


There can be no doubt that Scotland has produced some of the world's best drivers such as Jim Clark, Colin McRae, David Coulthard and Dario Franchitti.

Across all the motorsport disciplines that I cover, I see some immensely talented drivers, who, with the right backing, guidance and career path, can make it to the world stage. I know that images of young drivers I take today, feature some of the stars of tomorrow, and by providing them with photographs for press releases, or featuring their image in a newspaper or magazine, I'm hopefully playing a small part in their future success. 

For all the teams and drivers who enjoy seeing their images online, it's my pleasure, because after all, I'm a fan too. 

Social Media


There is no denying the reach and impact of social media and the ability to publish images as events unfold. I regularly post images moments after they are taken and this allows followers to keep up to date with events, wherever they are. 

The ability to tag drivers, teams and anyone interested in the sport, means that there is usually a flood of images after any event, and although immediate access to images is good, so is quality, and I pride myself in taking the time to present a set of images that captures the atmosphere, the excitement, and the spectacle I was there to witness myself. 

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